"I Survived" the Bitch Pit Mug


Thank you for supporting our charity. You've made it this far because you want donate to help a terrific cause. Thank you! Here's how you are helping:

The Charity: Hues of Love is our family-founded Non-profit Charity Organization, based in Miami, Florida. Hues of Love raises funds and awareness for underprivileged children, abused children and children in danger.

The mugs cost my publisher $10.00. Any amount you offer over that will be donated to our upcoming (Sept. 2021) project, "Walking Through Fall in Hues of Love"

This project entails my 500-mile, outdoors-only cold-weather solo-trek through the Appalachians, the purpose of which is to help raise enough funds to buy mattresses for 100 children who don't have mattresses to sleep on.